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Stars Athletics

You don't get what you wish for. You get what you work for.

Stars Athletics

STARS Athletics was founded in March of 2002. It is the vision of its owners for every member of STARS Athletics to experience success.

We, as an organization, understand how exciting it is to win. Our definition of winning is to train hard, to compete and to challenge the children’s physical and emotional capacities, as well as to test our wills against theirs. The importance, however, will not lie in the prize, but in the pursuit. The growth of our athletes is not contingent upon winning, but rather the joy of the effort, the happiness of interaction and the bittersweet taste of commitment.

We will teach that success is a journey, not a destination; it is a continual striving to be all they can be, while pursuing their individual goals and desires. It is what happens to the child when they engage in their experiences that counts, not the trophies won. What new perspectives were unleashed? What kind of personal growth was achieved? How were they transformed through their participation? DID THEY HAVE FUN? This is what winning is truly about, and this is our goal...

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